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Emergency Dentist in Lake Worth, FL

Even when we take good care of our teeth, sometimes the unexpected happens. You’re tackled while playing football, you trip over the family pet, you crunch down on that candy that is much harder than expected, or maybe you simply notice unexplained swelling or bleeding in your mouth. When these situations occur, medical attention is needed right away.

When you require emergency dental services, we will fit you into our schedule. Same day appointments are available. With our Lantana Dental office conveniently located in the Pinewood Square plaza off of Lantana Road, you can rest assured that there is an emergency dentist nearby.

Some Common Dental Emergencies

Below we have listed a few common dental emergencies that usually require immediate care.

Knocked Out Tooth

A tooth that has been knocked out in its entirety due to trauma of some kind. There is a possibility that a dentist may be able to reattach it, but only if you act quickly. 

Chipped or Broken Tooth

When only part of a tooth is lost due to injury. Broken teeth can almost always be saved, but again speed is a factor. 

Abscessed Tooth

A severe condition where a pocket of pus in the tooth has led to an infection. Abscesses may cause fever, tooth sensitivity, a persistent toothache, or swelling in the face. Because the infection can spread into your jaw, surrounding tissue, and other areas of the body, it is considered a dental emergency. 

Bleeding or Laceration

Biting down on the inside of your cheek or lip severely can be a dental emergency. Try to stop the bleeding by pressing down firmly with a damp cloth. If the bleeding doesn’t stop after a few minutes call your dentist. It could require medical attention.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms and live in or are visiting the Lake Worth area contact us at our Lantana Dental office right away.