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“I'm so excited. Yesterday my teeth were finished. Thank You so much for everything. You all went out of your way to make me comfortable. Dr. R said she if I need an additional implant there Will be no charge... Unbelievable. Thank You again Dr. Tomalty and the entire staff.“

— Barbara M. (Yelp.com)

All on 4 Implants

The Tomalty family & staff take a team approach in ensuring the best and highest quality dental care in our two Boynton Beach and Parkland locations. Our Doctors focus on providing you with the best possible dental care and treatment that leads to extraordinary results. This page about the All on 4 implants procedure is designed to answer some questions regarding treatment that you might need and provide a little more information on our latest and advanced technology. If you have any other questions for the Tomalty Dental Care team about the All on 4 or your other dental needs, please contact one of our offices or schedule a no-charge consultation online anytime from our website. We're happy to help, that's what we're here for!

What is an All on 4?

The All on 4 Implant procedure is perfect for patients who want to rid themselves of full dentures or have a failing smile that needs replacing. The All on 4 procedure provides beautiful lasting results all in a day's work. The All on 4 procedure can be done on the upper, lower, or both arches and requires four implants to be placed, which support a restoration that is customized just for you!

What are the benefits on an All on 4?

The All on 4 is the solution for patients who hate wearing dentures, can't support dentures, or just don't want dentures and would prefer a more permanent and aesthetic result. Another great result of the All on 4 is jaw preservation. Regular dentures don't preserve the remaining bone in the jaw, while implants do. Eating with full dentures can be a frustrating experience; the All on 4 relieves those frustrations!

What is the procedure for an All on 4?

The procedure for an All on 4 is completed in just one day! Your appointment will consist of removing any remaining teeth, placing the dental implants, and inserting a temporary set of teeth that will assist in the healing process.

Over the next few months, the patient will return for several follow-up appointments. At the six-month point, the patient will return for the impressions for the permanent set of teeth that will attach to the dental implants. We wait six months to be sure the implants have fully integrated into the bone and the surrounding gum tissue is healthy. The ending result is a beautiful, strong, and healthy smile!

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